Puppy Services

We know puppies have different needs, so we also offer “Puppy-Love”! These services are tailored to the needs of your young one…or even to your special-needs or elderly fella…

15-Minute visits, twice per day

  • Potty-break and feeding.
  • Play-time however you see fit: a walk, indoor play, snuggle time, etc.
  • Reinforce any commands you’re working on and of course, leave a note to let you know how things went!

Puppy Services PLUS

Similar to Puppy-Love, but each day your doggy gets both…

  • One, regular 15-minute visit and
  • One, regular 25-minute visit

This is especially good if you’d like your doggy to have a supervised lunch or if your puppy needs more play-time to work off some energy!

*See Price List*